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Katowice 14-07-2004
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Koszalin 28-08-2004
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Poznań 05-10-2004
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Zakopane 02-12-2004
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Szczawno 18-02-2005
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Mikołajki 15-04-2005
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Warszawa 07-05-2005
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Warszawa 24-05-2005
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 Meeting the Snail

Description of series of events "Meeting the Snail"

Goal: The goal of the series of events called "Meeting the Snail" is promoting the Burgundy Snail on polish ground among restaurateurs as well as executive chefs, cooks and consumers.

Time. The event is periodic. First edition will last from July 2004 till May 2005. The intention of the organizer is to cover the whole Poland. The events will happen every month in each of 8 regions. On 24th of May there is planned a large final event of first edition.

Event organizer. "Meeting the Snail" is organized by Slimaki PL - an exclusive representative of Grandjean Burgundy snails in Poland. Grandjean is a company of 40 years tradition. They produce snails in preserves based on natural ingredients. The snails are exclusively collected in the wild and do not come from snail farms. For one year the snails preserves have been coming to Poland thanks to company Slimaki PL.

Agenda of the event. Regional cooks competitions take place during each "Meeting the Snail". The teams compete with each other in preparing the best dish based on Burgundy snail. The hotels or restaurants - co-organizers - prepare their own proposition of dish form snails, cheese and others to be tasted by the audience.
During each event there is also wine presented and tasted with additional comments of somelier. The whole meeting finishes with tasting the dishes from competition as well as presentations.

Audience. The bidden guests:
- HoReCa sector - executive chefs, cooks, restaurateurs, hotel owners
- Guests invited by the restaurants/hotels that co-organize the events
- Mass media - local newspapers, trade media, trade portals
- Authorities of the city, the event is organized in

Honourary patronages of city authorities (President of Katowice, President of Koszalin, President of Lódz)
Culinary patronage of Klub Szefów Kuchni (Club of polish executive chefs)
Media patronage - Internet - HoReCa portal Gastrona.pl
Media patronage - Internet - HoReCa portal Papaja.pl
Media patronage - trade press - HoReCa press “Przy Stoliku”
Media patronage - local newspapers

Schedule. The schedule of series of events (first edition):
- 14th of July 2004 - Katowice, La Cantina Restaurant (competition for states: slaskie, opolskie)
- 28th of August 2004 - Koszalin, Atlantic Hotel (competition for states: pomorskie, zachodnio-pomorskie)
- 15th of September 2004 - Lodz, Lódzki Klub Biznesu Restaurant (competition for state: lódzkie)
- 5th of October 2004 - Poznan, Brovaria Hotel (competition for states: wielkopolskie, lubuskie)
- 2nd of December - Zakopane, Belvedere Hotel (competition for states: malopolskie, podkarpackie)
- February 2005 - Szczawno Zdrój, Rivendell Hotel (competition for state: dolnoslaskie)
- March 2005 - Warsaw (competition for states mazowieckie, swietokrzyskie, lubelskie)
- April 2005 - Olsztyn (competition for states warminsko - mazurskie, kujawsko- pomorskie, podlaskie
- 24th of May 2005 - final competition from all regions in Warsaw Polonia Hotel

Detailed agenda

1. Presentations of dishes from snails for exetutive chefs and restaurateurs
2. Competition of restaurants - preparing two snail dishes - starter and the main dish (based on competition regulations)
3. Teams consist of two cooks - chef and assistant
4. Jury of the competition are two teams :

Professional jury - known Executive chefs, mostly associated in Klub Szefów Kuchni (Executive Chefs Club). The members of the jury are chosen from the states outside the state the particular competition is organized in. The members of the jury up till today were for example: Wieslaw Bober (Belweder Hotel Ustron), Grzegorz Labuda (Nadmorski Hotel Gdynia), Artur Woszczynski (Jan III Sobieski Hotel Warsaw), Miroslaw Drewniak (Noma Residence Promnice), Arkadiusz Panek (Brovaria Hotel Poznan), Grzegorz Lelek (Belvedere Hotel Zakopane).

Tasting jury - selected from journalists, sponsors, authorities of the city

5. Presentation of wine and somelier comments - which wine suits to which snail dish. Slimaki PL partner in this area with wine distributors.
6. Competition results - two winning teams selected by professional jury move to final competition (24th of May). One team is additionally awarded by the tasting jury.
7. Tasting the prepared won and lost dishes.
8. Handing diplomas and awards to winners and other participants.

Up till today sponsors were: Stalgast Sp. z o.o., Pasqua (wine), Grandjean, SaneChem, Boron - BMW and Mini Dealer, Northcoast, Illy Cafe, GMP Gastronomie, Solon, Perrier, Oerlemans, WigPress, Rivendell Sp. z o.o., Woseba, Ecolab, Bonduelle, Carlsberg, Kamis and many others.

For more information please contact: joanna.mroz@slimaki.com.pl

Copyright: 2004 Piotr Burda & Ślimaki PL
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